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    Thailand is world famous for its shemales, and of course Phuket is one of the main hot spots Pattong meet them. These ladyboys work in the same types of places like the girls — beer bars, massage salons, night clubs, on the streets etc. Another popular area for street hookers is at the clock tower in Phuket Town. Phuket Town, the capital of the province on the eastern side of the island does have a lot of bars, night clubs and Thai style karaoke and coyote places such as Pink Lady on Phang Nga Road near the bus station.

    They are usually equipped not just with sexy Thai girls but also with pool tables 20 Baht a game and TV screens showing live sports. The concept is easy: Patong has hundreds of them and Pattaya thousands. Then to remove a girl before her shift is done you have to pay a fee to the bar called a bar fine. Then you still have to pay the girl more after that. And then, congratulations, you just picked up a hooker. We at Single Dude Travel do not condone prostitution for the cool single dude like you and me. Let Grandpa and Uncle Boner pay. Most Thai bar girls will stay with you for the entire night in your room for baht. Many of our students end up with Thai girlfriends while they are in Phuket and negotiate a price for the girl to stay with them and take care of them and party while they are in Phuket.

    Drinks and brings just kept getting and find all night. Renewable of the only massage parlors in Phuket Draw are closed now for the Chapel Favour, I checked.

    Prostitution has been technically illegal in Thailand sincehowever, the prohibition is just not enforced. This act paved the way for brothels to be legalized under the guise of massage parlors, bars, night-clubs, and tea-houses. At the current prices, no way. They do supplement their income nicely with drug sales, however.

    Patong is in the midst of a slutd bubble, and as you see in all these cheap 2nd and 3rd world beach boomtowns, a lot of people getting in at once results in lots of overbuilding of bad quality and lots of abandoned projects. Also it appears no infrastructure has been built except for right next to the main beach. Patong does not look good once you are off the beach with half built buildings, bad roads, no sidewalks probably thanks to the tuk-tuk mafia againabandoned lots, etc. I thought it was noteworthy but the Uncle Boner of 5 years ago tended to be a higher class that the version we saw there in December.

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    Drinks and shots just kept coming and coming all night. The other hilarious thing is in the restrooms. The second you zip up at the urinal or open the stall door you are literally picked up, lifted into the air, and they crack your back. Right, left, back, up and over, turn your neck SNAP … meanwhile one guy is massaging your shoulders, another is rubbing your arms, all in seconds.

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