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    He fundamentalists manned and harassed on his way to find. He also made an affair in a Dove Factor spoof nous on the "Wayne Brady's Beat" personality, wherein he was strong willing to do feel challenges, and was declared to the hot ladies ready his feet, which lit his big natural on fire the same time from which he would he light a cigarette.

    He follows by stating he has to "stop smoking this shit here" as his friends break out in laughter. Wayne Brady's Show — After Dave Chappelle quits the show in an opening segment that coincidentally mirrored the contract negotiations for the aborted third season, Wayne Brady portraying himself takes over as host and is asked to emcee the remaining episodes of the series since Chappelle had already filmed the remaining sketches. Regretting the decision to leave the show, Chappelle returns and confronts Brady. The ensuing confrontation leads to the airing of a flashback to a night of misadventures involving the two that portrays Brady contrary to his friendly public image as a murderous, pimpingand seriously disturbed psychopath in the mold of Denzel Washington 's character Alonzo Harris from the film Training Day.

    The sketch depicts events in which a character is just minding his business until someone else says or does something that the Hogtied boots character does not like. The character is given a choice: Eventually, the character's decision backfires severely on him, thus ruining his life, while the person who provoked him is having the time of his life, and the character's friends shun the character's choice to "keep it real". Player Hater's Ball — Guest starring Ice-Tthe sketch featured Chappelle and several other regulars attending a convention of "haters", i. The characters all dressed and acted in the manner of flamboyant s pimps.

    The convention featured an award for "hater of the year" and an ad-libbed segment where the attendees were shown pictures of celebrities such as Rosie O'Donnell and Kelly Osbourne and delivered put downs. This later spawned a sequel called "Haters in Time" where the haters went back in time to when the Africans were slaves and end up killing one of the slave masters. Chappelle appeared as Jackson, wearing a wig reminiscent of the actor's hair style in the movie Pulp Fiction and dressed in Revolutionary War -era garb similar to the spokesman who had recently appeared in Samuel Adams Beer ads. Chappelle's performance played heavily on Jackson's propensity for roles which involve angry shouting and copious profanity.

    At one point when asked to stop yelling by Bill BurrChappelle, as Jackson, yells "No, I can't stop yelling, 'cause that's how I talk! Haven't you seen my movies? When asked about the infant he carts around in a stroller, Tron says, "I just bought this baby, cash. Tron also appeared in the first episode of season three in a sketch in which he described an altercation with Method Man and was tortured by the methods described in the song " Method Man " from Enter the Wu-Tang 36 Chambers. In the reparations episode, he is shown gambling in Brooklyn and described as a Harlem resident, but in another episode, he is shown in his house on "Everglade Boulevard" bagging up cocaine and watching the fictitious R.

    Negrodamus — Paul Mooney plays a black prophet and fortune teller a satire of Nostradamus. In the sketch, people mostly white ask him various questions such as "Negrodamus, why do white people love Wayne Brady so much?

    Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X. His first appearance was in the second episode of season one. He also made an appearance in a Fear Factor spoof sketch on the "Wayne Brady's Show" episode, wherein he was exceptionally willing to do gross challenges, and was nonreactive to the hot coals underneath his feet, which lit his big toenail on fire the same fire from which he would later light a cigarette. Chuck Taylor played by Chappelle — The lead "white" anchor on the fictitious "News 3", he is played by Chappelle in whiteface makeup and a blonde wig.

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    Taylor has appeared in Hogtied boots few sketches, the first of which was the "Reparations" sketch from season one. Leonard Washington played by Chappelle — Washington first appeared in the first-season sketch "Trading Spouses", wherein he acted as the patriarch of a white family for a month. Notably, when entering rooms unfamiliar to him, Washington looks out the windows to see if he is being followed. He also expressed his displeasure that many white families do not use washcloths when taking a shower or bath.

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