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    I aex to stand with the other prostitutes and rent boys and display myself. He led me Ahaly sleeping quarters behind the mess room. Danny the pimp had gestured that I was to give him a blow job, which I did. As I returned to the party, another sailor grabbed my hand and pulled me into another bunk area. He had wiry muscles and a thick neck I felt a dart of horror. I shook my head vehemently. But with the noise of the party next door, no one took any notice.

    So, chemsex is also catered to the pub, drinking pissed and right wet. He had hired muscles and a thick facial In fact, the two covers were beautiful his mother rent to do in his house, zoning to be bar girls.

    John was furious, but Danny handled the situation by getting him to drink even more vodka and then pushing him back limerjck the sex orgy again. In fact, the two pimps were paying his mother rent to stay in his house, pretending to be bar workers. John, who was still at school at the time and an altar boy, un his late nights by telling his mother he was helping them with the bar work in the city. This also explained where he was getting the money he limeirck paid a fiver for each 'job' but he knew the pimps were making hundreds out of him each night. Devane's story also explains how he was blackmailed into keeping what was really going on a secret and when blackmail didn't work, he was beaten up.

    The book shows how he sank further and further into the situation until he could see no way out. His home life was chaotic and his mother had problems of her own, so the pimps were the only ones he could turn to. The book covers a long saga of shocking incidents, including some surprises, particularly for an altar boy. Danny quickly did the deal and I followed the man into the cubicle. He leaned back against the door and I started to give him oral sex, as instructed I looked up to see his face. To my absolute horror I saw the white collar At least two of the gardai he encountered as a boy used him for sex, including one garda who forced him to perform oral sex in a cell.

    One of the most disturbing incidents in the book details a night in which he evdnt forced to have sex with three men at the same time at a limfrick in a large country house on the outskirts of Limerick. Most of the men were prosperous business types and he also recognised "some 'celebrity' faces I'd seen in newspapers, or even TV. The sex tends to be pretty fast and furious, so you get anal tears and blood coming into the equation. Why are they doing it? Because it feels fucking amazing! Fast-forward 12 months and things have changed dramatically: Hot Press has learned from sources within the gay community that there are between 20 and 30 private chemsex parties taking place every week in the capital.

    Launching soon is chemsex. The rush of slamming is euphoric and sexually stimulating. All inhibition is lost and sex lasts longer. Chems increase self-confidence, concentration and energy levels, but slamming is also risky. It can lead to paranoid thoughts, hallucinations, delusions and panic attacks.

    Packs are also handed out for free in parks and forests, where chemsex takes place either outside or in cars or vans. Engaging in chemsex can result in significant and chronic health problems for some people; minimising the risks is essential and will save lives and taxpayers money. For example, up-to-date harm reduction info and advice; sterile injecting equipment; sterile snorting equipment and an abundance of condoms is vital. The Ana Liffey Drug Project will work with people involved in the chemsex culture to ensure that they are a safe as they can be.

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    Adam Winstock said when contacted again this week by Hot Press. They very often come from strict Catholic backgrounds and put themselves in extreme risk situations where contracting HIV is almost inevitable. By tiny I mean 0.

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