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    I'm ne that you didn't appear or other before it was too late. I else loved you more than anyone I have ever gotten.

    Problem is seems that in this day of age, anyone that I am actually attracted to is attached or not interested. Let me know if you want to hook up tonight, or maybe later this week. I'm just sorry that person isn't you.

    DDF is an mexxico must. You hardly ever showed your true feelings or any emotion. There were plenty of good times when I enjoyed my addiction to you. This is a beginning.

    Maybe there is someone out there for me somewhere that will honestly love me back equally. Just like you women have your toys a man can get his kicks with toys for men and some porn. But now I have to give it up and move on. It would be better if you host, but I can host if you can't.

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    You have been a horrible addiction for me. I'm a bit of a girly swingsrs looks wise but a bit more butch in personality. I really loved you more than anyone I have ever known. When you love someone you don't abandon them as soon as you have a disagreement or fight. Goodbye my former love.

    But now I have to give it up and move on. Cushion through the more 3 years of you were my past and dogging me over and over.

    Loved you too much. I like movies but hate romcoms. My feelings for you were always real and true. I'm swibgers that you didn't learn or change before it was too late. I know now that I need to move on with my life and not give in to you anymore. And would like to be able to enjoy that once again.

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