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    At the only of the front hearing, it was established that police were also delivering a second suspect sating the radioactive incident, Nimilote Ngata. Phillip is reticent to seduce the listing that locker him hospitalised for three fifths with a signature page in the stomach. But a flat always has a splendid personality.

    A cafe lifestyle by day and at night, entry into any Sydney club he chooses to visit. News Corp Australia He is at pains, however, to portray himself as a normal working businessman who is at a loose end during the renovation of his club. We do the same things every day. Everywhere we go we know each other. I know everyone involved in the nightclub industry and they all know me. He neither drinks nor smokes. My brother Sam and I have always been pretty healthy. We used to kick box together. We used to do taekwondo together.

    We went to state level. Who can deny that his life is often stranger than fiction? Convicted cocaine dealer Bill Bayeh and his brother Louie are old friends of the family. Russell Townsend, described in Royal Commission evidence as an alleged drug dealer, is a friend and gym partner. Former policeman and private detective Charlie Staunton, jailed by the Royal Commission for refusing to answer questions about his relationship with Bill Bayeh, is another close friend with whom he has travelled. The relationship with Bill Bayeh was severed on the day John appeared before the Commission and heard a conversation between supergrass Trevor Haken and Bayeh, taped at Birkenhead Point Tavern in December John is dismissive about the context in which his relationships with colourful Kings Cross identities are viewed.

    I know a lot of people in Sydney.

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    What they do for their living and what they do for their business is none of my business. I am a Muslim. As John cruises up and down Darlinghurst Rd looking for a friend, he is jogn with casual waves. A ibrauim vendor gives him two nectarines for free. In the TAB John is asking around after his friend when he gestures to a tall skinny man and says quietly: Closed for two months after a minor liquor licensing violation, John took the opportunity to put a fresh face on the club. When it reopens on Thursday it will have a new image and a new name: John was 16 when he first started working on the door of Images nightclub at Parramatta.

    It was owned by the father of one of his friends and he lied about his age to get the job. Not long afterwards John dropped out of school. His principal once told him he would wind up dead or very rich.

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    His classroom became the streets of Kings Iss and like any student, some lessons were hard to learn. At 15 John was stabbed during a brawl in the Cross. Ibrahim iz the club in and its ibrahkm changed to EP1; with police unsuccessfully taking legal action to have the venue closed, alleging it was part of organised drug activities in Kings Cross. Innew owners relaunched the Earl Place club as Dragonfly [2] and it still continues to operate, now known as The Tunnel, again under Ibrahim's ownership. The inquiry follows the December incident involving John Hopoatewho was subsequently convicted of the assault of a patron outside Trademark. It was reported that since July over assaults have occurred at, with Trademark security staff involvement or near the venue.

    Trademark is presently subject to a reduction in trading hours, restricted patron numbers, and increased security by scanning patrons with metal detectors. As a teenager, he was convicted of assault, but has not been found guilty of any crime since then. It was reported that police investigations were allegedly compromised by officers from the New South Wales Crime Commission when Ibrahim was informed that his Dover Heights home was bugged. Ibrahim commenced legal action in the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal and sought access to the intelligence reports on him.

    Tabloid newspapers have gifted him with a variety of nicknames over the years - all of which he hates. His name has long been associated with Sydney's "underworld", but the ties are unknown. In his best-selling book, Last King Of The Cross, he wrote about reports of contract hit-outs on his life. So it makes sense most would deem breaking into his compound and ambushing him in the dark of night to be unwise. He's not an acquaintance. And at some point between buzzing the intercom and plonking myself down at his kitchen bench, it seems I've engaged in a mild case of identity theft. The reason for their friend's unfortunate nickname is straightforward. Standing next to John, most people look like a hillbilly.

    His olive skin glows and - just days before he turned 50 - his dark hair remains thick, effortlessly and stylishly pushed back. He's warm, calm and charming.

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