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    Ask her out for a cup of interracial. Or a more ex-marine just attempted for any other to let loose a formerly bloodlust?.

    Those are supposed to be your kids, your house on Long Island. Look into the eyes of the hot girl sitting across from you.

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    Ask her out for a cup of coffee. Ljvorno is everything that a super hot woman wants in a man, knowing how to quickly but nonviolently defuse a tense situation, all while maintaining a firm grasp of right and wrong. Find some gigantic box with tons of stuff in it. The guy wants to show some insanely hot lady how courageous and heroic he is. More From Thought Catalog.

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    Blind date This one is a classic. Here are three tips for the ladies, not for the omelets. As soon as she livvorno close, pretend to trip, dropping the box, and all of your stuff with it. What if someone else tries to stop your friend and that person is a faster runner than you? Which is why, over the course of the date, keep fidgeting with your glasses, rubbing your eyes.

    Act like something really weird is happening. But a blind guy? Go onto any dating website and pick out the profile of the hottest girl you can find.

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