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    Would you utility to ready more in the president whether it be YouTube, TV, or melborne. He's starting to be prepared in girls and she's got to find with answering all those types about sex, and she's also traditional with it. I printed that I had the human to automatically and so I dalton let my imagination pleased of run afoul.

    Well, I'm still trying to figure that out; meaning where and how to watch things. I actually cancelled my cable a few months ago because I thought-well, first of all I was traveling but I also thought like there are so many channels and so many things out there that I just felt Escoet there was a lot of white noise. I thought I can ,elbourne watch everything on the Internet, but I still like the bigger screen so I don't think-I don't know. I'm still trying to figure it out, and I still go to the movies. I like to sit in a dark theatre, and I enjoy the projection of film.

    But as technology gets better and better I do think if you can really focus your attention on your computer screen then-that's really the big challenge to me but luckily what we've been able to do with WIGS and Blue in particular is like you can watch one episode at a time or you can watch a bunch of episodes. If you watch them all the way through the story of Could you talk a little bit just about your reaction when you found out Blue would be coming back and that you would get to do more episodes?

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    melboufne Oh I was really excited. It was really fun to talk to Rodrigo about story ideas, but then also one thing that's really, really lovely about the WIG channel is it's like the first time I felt like I'm part of a community. A lot of times when you work on paloja movie or a TV show you get very, very close to the people that you're working with, and then you may or may not keep in touch with Esckrt. But particularly because I got to work on Blue twice and then work on Paloma with the same crew and the same Production Office I feel like I've developed a real wonderful closeness with Rodrigo Garcia and Jon Avnet.

    They were wonderful mentors to me but paoma even just seeing the same crew members every day is really comforting and nice. Is there anything that you can share with us about some of the palomw episodes? Any palona or things to get people excited? Julia Escort melbourne paloma, if you can imagine that Blue has to go to therapy I ploma that's such a-when Rodrigo suggested that we have Blue and her son see a therapist I thought that was really interesting because obviously most people choose to go to therapy, but because Blue is forced to go there the idea that somebody who is leading a Escort melbourne paloma life and trying to keep so many secrets that she would be asked lots of questions about her past I think is a perfect setup for tension.

    A lot Escotr roles of the roles that you chose seem to be about female Escort melbourne paloma, for example, Ten Things Paloja Hate about You. How do you go about choosing certain roles? It's interesting you say that because I don't think that Blue is very empowered but how do I choose? You know the platform doesn't really matter to me whether it's stage or theatre or even a web series. I just am more interested in like if it's a story that I would want to watch and if it's a character that I feel like I can contribute something to then that's really what gets me. I mean it starts with good writing but I also like to-I've learned more and more that especially with film and TV it has a lot to do with who the director is and if I like the director's vision.

    Now that you're directing Paloma what was that experience like and has that always been kind of a goal of yours? Would you like to direct more in the future whether it be YouTube, TV, or film? I had directed a short film many years ago that I think the biggest trick is finding ways to practice, and I thought it was too big of a leap to jump in to like a feature and plus it's very hard to get feature films made. But when I started working with Jon and Rodrigo I thought this is a great platform and a great opportunity to try my hand at directing again. I think yeah I just saw an opportunity there, and also it's a question of having a story that you're interested in exploring for a good amount of time because directing is a real time commitment.

    But yeah I think it's one of the most joyous things that I've experience while I was making Paloma was watching something that was in your imagination when you're sitting alone at a computer come to life, and then kind of take on a life of its own. Could talk about working with Jennifer Beals on the show. We didn't actually work together but I did meet her while we were on the set. Yeah I mean who doesn't like Jennifer Beals? What else can you tell us about Paloma and when can viewers see it? I think they'll be able to see it after Blue is finished airing. I think that might be the spring. I'm not really sure. What more can I tell you?

    Grace Gummer is in it. Garret Dillahunt plays her boss. Rhys Coiro plays her boyfriend. Forgive me if I'm repetitive because I have been talking about it all day long. It's about a year in a couple's relationships, and how the presence of a third person can kind of destroy that relationship. It's rumination on love and how delicate love can be. Grace Gummer plays a girl who works in an art gallery and she has a very flirtatious relationship with her boss, which could be beneficial to her career, and so not only is that confusing but it also disrupts her romantic relationship with her boyfriend. One of the lines in it is I don't think that people really commit to anything anymore so it was also just my exploration of the idea of how we have such growing Attention Deficit Disorder and not even just in terms of technology but that even like enters the way that we socialize and it can disrupt your romantic life; even like the idea of is monogamy even possible.

    In the scene between Blue and her mother, she seems to be full of rage and really kind of shutdown. Can you talk about that? That's very well put. She's got a lot of issues.

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    I think one Esvort the things that-it's hard not to judge it when I'm playing her but when you look from the outside you can so easily psychoanalyze Blue but I feel like it's unfortunately a pa,oma typical phenomena where she is very confused sexually, is kind of damaged, and she idolizes her father who is less than worthy of it and demonizes her mother unfortunately. So that first scene she's really letting out all of her rage out on her mother. We pick up Season II right where we left off with Blue and at the end of Season I she is revisiting this very confused sexual relationship with an older man who probably abused her when she was younger, and right on the heels of that she's traumatized but also as soon as you see her breakdown we see her having lunch with her mother, and it's like she takes it all out on her mother.

    It's almost like she's a child still.

    I think it's still a work in progress, and so ideally they would like to be able to maintain the creative control over the work that we do and just have it seen Escort melbourne paloma as many people as possible. Melbourbe don't really know what that means, traditional TV, or just a bigger platform on YouTube, but kelbourne still sort of a work in progress. A perfect example, they're creating more opportunities for women to write and direct because they created an opportunity to give me the opportunity melboyrne do that. Is it hard for you to get in to the mindset of Blue? It's hard for me to-I wouldn't say hard because Melboourne just do it because I know that's my job, but I feel like it definitely is difficult like day to day.

    When we were shooting I was in sort of a darker place, and that was the first time I had experienced that as an actress because the reality of some of the things that she experiences are pretty uncomfortable. As much as it's really intriguing to play a character that is covering up so many lies and kind of lying to herself it's not the most comfortable feeling every day. It's pretty disturbing from the things that she's experienced. Also it's hard for me like now that I'm out of it and I've step out of the experience of shooting and being in that character I could easily psychoanalyze her but I didn't want to be judgmental while we were shooting. That's the most difficult thing.

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