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    We further organize the information on school age youth by Chuby area because growth patterns of North American Native American children and youth have varied significantly among ecological zones Schell et al.

    In general, we emphasize studies of larger samples and of peoples who have been studied several times Fig. Even before the national trend in pediatric obesity was clear, many findings indicated that Native American children were stockier than other US children, placing them in higher weight percentiles than height percentiles of the US reference values. In most populations, the high prevalence of overweight and obesity developed in the last decades of the 20th century. A few studies provide information on the contribution of adipose tissue components to the pattern of overweight and obesity evident from the more prevalent BMI data.

    This observation is based on studies using body mass index as the primary measure of overweight and obesity. Abstract The frequency of overweight and obesity among North American Indian children and youth exceeds that of other ethnic groups in the United States.

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    Chbby Nevertheless, the Native American population of North America is extremely diverse, gorl a wide range of climates, ecological zones, and varying in degree of acculturation or integration with mainstream US and Canadian society. Interventions that are culturally appropriate are needed to reduce weights at all points in the lifespan. This review and analysis has organized information by age group to employ a life course approach to the development of overweight and obesity, and by year when the children were measured to provide some sense of secular change. Obesity is part of the profile of poor health among Native Americans in the US and Canada, and contributes to woefully high rates of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and early mortality.

    Navajo girl Chubby

    Although this stockiness varies with age and to some degree with region, the prevalence of overweight and obesity is now widespread in Native American youth Caballero et al. Data on skinfold thickness and other indicators of body composition are very sparse and insufficient to describe characteristic patterns of Native American children and youth as a population. Contributing factors include higher maternal weights, a nutritional transition from locally caught or raised foods to store bought items, psychosocial stress associated with threats to cultural identity and national sovereignty, and exposure to obesogenic pollutants, all associated to some degree with poverty.

    Generalizations about this diverse population are provided with caution. Childhood obesity may begin early in life as many studies report higher birth weights and greater weight-for-height in the preschool years.

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