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    God it was incredible!!! Now I know why Tracy strips at bachelor parties. I've asked her if she's ever gang-banged a party before, but she's always denied it. After what I experienced, I think I may start stripping, not for cash, but for kicks. Yes, Doctor, I remember the incident very clearly. It was on my thirteenth birthday and my brother, David, who was nearly eighteen, told me it was time -- according to tradition -- for me to be "initiated" as a woman. I had just started having regular periods a few months earlier and I thought "How neat! He told me to strip down to my underwear, and I trusted my big brother -- I almost worshipped him, truthfully -- so I did it.

    Anyway, there was never much of a nudity taboo around our house so it wasn't any big thing. When I was down to my bra and panties, David had me lie across this big leather ottoman that belongs to Dad's favorite Chesterfield chair in the study. He held my arms down along the legs of this thing and fastened down my wrists with lots of adhesive tape. I don't know what I thought was going to happen. The tape didn't hurt and I guess maybe I was expecting "birthday licks" with a paddle or something. David was giving me this hokey evil grin but he always was a big tease.

    Anyway, I was stretched out flat across the ottoman and it was so large, and I was so small, the back edge came all the way to my waist and bent me right in half. My knees barely touched the carpet. And David had rolled up a couple of big bath towels and tucked them under my hips crosswise so my little virgin ass stuck up even more. No, I wasn't exactly frightened at that point. Maybe a little apprehensive. But like I said, I was naive. I was squirming around and warning David he'd better not hurt me, It all seemed like kind of a game until he put the tape across my mouth. I didn't like that at all David moved out of my range of vision and a moment later he peeled my panties right down to my knees.

    I was kind of afraid he was going to leave me there like that for our parents to discover when they got home. Anyway, I could hardly move at all. There was a long pause, and then a stinging, open-handed slap on my butt made me jerk and squeal. I wouldn't tattle on him, of course, but I'd come up with some embarrassing prank to pull on him. He slapped me on my bare ass a few more times, waiting long enough in between that I wasn't sure it was going to happen again -- until it did.

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    I just squawked from behind the tape and steadied myself by holding on tight to the legs of the ottoman. Then he stopped spanking me and said something like "Now, this will feel better. Now, Fucj have to understand something, Doctor: I was one of those adolescent girls who was very, very nervous about the sexual slts I was beginning to have. I was garnside and a loczl scared slugs the tingles I used lsuts feel in my breasts and crotch when I was around certain boys I Fck. A couple of my friends at pajama parties had told how they'd learned to masturbate, and how great it felt, barnisde even how they had jerked off boys. Frankly, I was bewildered by the whole thing.

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