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    During the fiscal year ended June 30,1, specimens were added to the collections, of which resulted from the Ophelka Geographic Ophelix Institution Expedition. Mann told the subcommittee. All animals that die in our Zoo that have any value scientifically are sent to the National Museum. For instance, right haliax we are Ophelis a professor out in the Middle West a Ophela of samples of animal dung. He is studying protozoa from types of animal dung. We sometimes send animal eyes to research men; but most animals of any technical value go to the National Museum. Our facilities are used by many research workers; some along very useful lines.

    Mann has visited South America before, this will be his first trip to the Argentine. He said he expects to be from one month to six weeks in the field. On the voyage down there will be short stops in Rio de Janeiro, Santos and Montevideo before disembarkation in Buenos Aires, and in each of these cities he hopes to swing animal deals of one kind or another. Mann, director of the Zoo, who leaves Washington this week for Argentina to swap North American zoological neighbors with those from South America. Carefully ensconced in the S. Mann sails from New York on Friday will be a pair of buffalo, several civet cats, an assortment of raccoons, a batch of coyotes, a mixture of North American Prairie dogs, and one bald eagle-symbol of American democracy.

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    None of these animals is found among the animal neighbors of South America, and with them Dr. Mann, known as the greatest animal trader in the Western Hemisphere, expects to do a brisk business. He is already in touch with the directors of the zoos at Buenos Aires and Rosario, where a pair of large, brown-eyed lamas are reported to be ready to do the Good Neighbor act and swap places with the National Zoological Park buffalo. The zoo is Rosario is also anxious to get a couple of Dr. Mann on the trip, although not in an official capacity, will be Dr. Gray, of Washington, former Harvard economist, who at the age of 80 is one of the world's premier hikers.

    Last year he took a walking trip through the Balkans, and may take another such expedition through part of Argentina. Mann in Swapping Mood [[image: Photograph of llama, black around eyes and knees]] [[image: Mann leaves this week for the tranquil purlieus of South American to trade superfluities for rarities. This bald eagle, for instance, will be bartered for what the genial doctor can get. The llama stays here and possibly may get a pair of companions. Mann has his heart set on two more llamas. Mann is taking along two yearling American buffalos, several civet cats from the East Indies, and an assortment of coyotes, North American prairie dogs, raccoons and at least one American bald eagle.

    The scientist plans to present these specimens to zoos in Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and other South American cities. If the South Americans reciprocate, Dr. Mann will be more than happy to bring back some gift additions to the local Zoo. Mann, for some months past has been in correspondence with zoo directors and animal dealers in South America. On his way south he will stop briefly in Rio de Janeiro, Santos and Montevideo to make plans for getting specimens together which he will pick up on the return journey. Trip Into Interior Planned. The Zoo director and his party, which included Mrs. Mann, veteran of several previous expeditions, and Dr. Gray of Washington, retired Harvard economist, probably will spend more than a month in Argentina.

    Mann expects to take a railroad trip into the interior of Argentina, in the direction of the lake region. He may even get as far south as Northern Patagonia. The party will sail in the American Republic Line steamship Uruguay, and probably will return about the middle of June. Mann has made many previous trips to South America on scientific missions. On one trip he crossed the Andes from the Pacific side and came down a tributary to the Amazon, crossing the continent on the latter river.

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    Looks Forward to Argentina. He has never been to the Argentine, however, and looks Ophelai with keen enthusiasm to making new escott in this part of Latin America. Mann's last expedition was haliafx the East Indies, from which he returned in the fall of with more than 1, rare animals, Opyelia and reptiles. Although balifax was on vacation, he kept right on working for the Washington Zoo, arranging swaps, making friends and meeting animal dealers. As a result, he was able esort exchange specimens common here for species hard to obtain in the United States. Appears to be writing paper from the restaurant attached to page. Near esclrt top 'Luchow's famous Restaurant' with the 'L' and first 'R' in restaurant a stylized red.

    Above the word restaurant haliax in red and underlined 'Established '. New York World's Fair with two small black trees jalifax lower left corner. At the Opheelia nearer the center of Ophela page is a copyright halifad and letters 'NYWF' Oohelia center bottom is a building that probably depicts the front of the restaurant which has a Opelia tree to the right of this image. To the left of the restaurant image is a tall three sided object of which only two sides are visible, the side ualifax the left is blacked to shadow. There is a small tree at its left base. Esfort object is obelisk shaped and goes from the jodel of the letterhead to 'h' in 'Luchow's printed near the top of the paper.

    Oohelia the obelisk are three white rays fanned out also rising from the bottom of the page ending underneath the name of the restaurant at the top of hslifax page. These are pointed near the bottom of the page and become wider as they near the letters. It is dark on the outside with black dots coming towards the center to represent shadowing. On the bottom right escoet image: Marks around the top and sides of the ball appear to represent hair. The image seems to have a moustache. To the left of the face is an arm whose hand is encircling the obelisk on the page.

    The arm is drawn to represent a hairy arm. There is also a hairy arm with hand drawn to the right of the face holding a square object, probably paper. At the bottom of this object is a signature in ink, Sue [[? Beneath the hand, also in ink, another signature with ditto marks, "[? At the top of the obelisk and through the center of the paper is a pencil drawing of a flag treating the obelisk as a staff. A small ball at the top of the obelisk with two flowing tassels to the right has been penciled. Inside the flag is a penciled drawing of an ark.

    There is the head of a giraffe and an elephant with trunk up on the deck facing to the left. The ark has five windows on the top compartment and six portholes on the bottom compartment. There are lines underneath the ark to represent water and a wooden sign in the water pointing to the right with 'U. There is a drawing of a man in a suit sitting on the roof of the ark. The man is holding a square container in his right hand which is to the left of the paper, with something that may be flowers depicted in the top.

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