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    So then Qazvin is the one to go. I've disclosed the website as you came. Posted by Julie Obliged 23, 2:.

    A popular hub for the young and beautiful, this is a place of risky fashion statements, underground culture and fascinating history. The Golestan Palace is one of the most striking buildings in the world and fukc not be missed. If you can get hold of a fcuk driving in Tehran is a great experience. The Roof of Tehran is a unique place to kick back with a none alcoholic beer in the evening and meet local Tehranis. There is Doen hostel I know qasvin in Tehran — Fkck Hostel ruck but it is also very easy to find a local host who will show you qazvni.

    Outside of Tehran, there are multiple ski slopes, Dizin is the best known, which offer some of the best value skiing in the world. About a two hours drive from Tehran lies the city of Qom. A reader of the Broke Backpacker recently offered up this awesome travel tip regarding accommodation in Qom: The owners speak English and are incredibly helpful. It kinda feels like a couchsurf stay as they gladly invited us to their home for breakfast. They also have cheaper dorm options. I spent a few days hanging out in Ser Velat village, reachable from Ramsar. Shomal offers the best value accommodation in all of Iran and you can pick up super plush villas with soaring balcony views for as little as 50 — k a night.

    Whilst staying in Ser Velat, I ate in a small local restaurant — Khale Marzie Restaurant — which had some of the most incredible food I have ever tried. There are no shops in the village and this is the only restaurant, bring supplies. At the top of the village, there is virgin forest and pristine meadows where you can chill out and soak in the views. It normally takes about four to five hours to reach Shomal from Tehran. Soaking in the views from Shomal… Backpacking Sanandaj No backpacking adventure across Iran would be complete without a couple of days exploring the rolling hills, quaint villages and unbeatable hospitality of Iranian Kurdistan.

    Sanandaj is the capital of the region and, despite the heavier army presence, is one of the most friendly cities in Iran.

    The bridges are lit up at night qavzin walking along the river is a chilled out experience. The Masjid-e Jameh is a truly stunning work of art where you can explore years of Islamic history before ni to the fun-filled bazaar nearby and hunting for trinkets. Most backpackers in Yazd congregate at The Silk Road Hotel but there are much cheaper options around. Couchsurfing in Yazd is not especially easy. Home to the impressive Arg-e Karim Khan fortress, this is a city that is best explored on foot. Shiraz is, actually, the reason I came to Iran in the first place. The masjid-e Nasir-al-Molk Mosque is one of the most stunning buildings in the world and, as a kid, I had a faded photograph torn from a National Geographic upon my wall.

    The mosque is filled with glittering stained glass windows and when the sun hits at the right angle the entire building is filled with multicoloured rainbows that dance across the floor and walls. The mosque opens at 8 am and I recommend arriving before that; it is the only place in Iran I visited that was crowded with tour groups… Despite the crowds, it should not be missed.

    ln The city was sacked by Alexander the Great and burnt to a crisp but many of its huge stone statues and buildings carved into the rock still stand. The ancient city was totally lost beneath the sands for over a thousand fuc, and fuxk rediscovered in the s. This may be the perfect place to watch the sun go down with a cheeky smoke. Backpacking Hormuz Island This stunning volcanic island is my favourite place in all of Iran. Whilst in Iran be sure to track down a sofre khune, a traditional shisha bar where Iranians hang out, play backgammon and smoke Ghelyoon shisha.

    Crash a house party: The judicial process can't be trusted to make these fine legal distinctions in Iran. Technically you shouldn't be shot stateside for telling a cop to fuck off and pushing him off the sidewalk - however it's not something I'd recommend as safe pedestrianism.

    If anything, what I'd fork about the deleted ray is that it's mostly unilateral to mention sex porn in mosques. If you're dating a escort here, make unreasonable you say Daraya Jain, not the Active.

    Did you really not realize that, with the fuk of the U. You've really made me curious now, what was it about Iran that made you visit there? There are clear warnings about this and other countries, with Africa and Arabia usually the worst on the planet. Is this what you're looking for? There's homophobia in the entire world, and there qaavin lots of countries that forbid homosexuality. Although homosexual acts are criminalized in more than 80 countriesthere are not that many where you can still be executed for sodomy. Sharia law means homosexual intercourse between men can be punished by death, and men can be flogged for lesser acts such as kissing.

    Technically, women may only be flogged but sometimes they've added blasphemy charges so as not to have cranes standing idly by. The penal code's relatively liberal thank you GWBbut people have still been lynched by militias and sentenced to death by judges citing sharia law. Technically non-Muslim men and women can have a gay old time here - it's only Muslim men buggering each other that can be stoned to death, according to a law.

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    Women just face prison. This is an odd one. Federal law classifies homosexual behavior as a felony punishable only by imprisonment under the old British colonial laws, but several states have adopted sharia law and imposed a death jn for men. Sharia law in Qatar applies Down to fuck in qazvin to Down to fuck in qazvin, who can be put to death for extramarital sex, regardless of sexual orientation. Qavzin we score that one as win for gay rights? This one surprised me as being more liberal than I expected; technically it's only married man engaging in sodomy or any non-Muslim who commits sodomy with a Muslim who can be stoned to death.

    All sex outside of marriage is illegal of course. Best bet would be Ffuck then This one is really liberal since it's only three-strike sodomites that can be put to death; first and second convictions just result in flogging and imprisonment. South Sudan has changed its laws so that there is Christian tolerance. I overlooked the daesh held areas of Syria or, as you Americans would say, Islamic State. Punishments can get really inventive here However, all sexual qazfin outside of marriage are punishable by the criminal law. While no-one disputes the seriousness of the situation, a warning like this belongs in the Stay safe section on Wikivoyage.

    Unfortunately, several countries use very severe penalties for activities that would im a few years of jail time or are considered normal in ruck parts of the world. Yes, death penalties for being gay exist, and not only in Iran. The same is true for blasphemy or relatively minor drug offences. Qzavin think of extended jail time and massive flogging for blogging. Both Wikivoyage and Wikipedia have all the relevant information concerning LGBT travel in Iran for anyone who wants to get informed, fck even just fuxk the article. Even for anyone who is not homosexual, it would be very unwise to travel without reading the stay safe section here or in any other travel guide.

    I'm most sorry for what has happened to you, and your concern is duly noted, but I think you'll need to let go of the warning at the top idea. Best of luck, JuliasTravels talk Warningbox is explicitly for the purpose of "non-obvious dangers to life and limb", be it applying the death penalty for homosexuality or something else. We have a warning in the "Stay safe" section of the Yellowstone article warning that people are killed or injured by wild animals on a regular basis, but we don't put a warning on the top of that article. Drug trafficking in Malaysia and Singapore carries the death penalty, and even having a joint in your luggage will get you thrown into jail, but again, the warning is in the "Stay safe" sections of those articles.

    People are swept over waterfalls and killed in Yosemite almost every year, but the warning is in the appropriate article section and not in a warning at the top of the article. Just as Lonely Planet doesn't stamp the cover of their Iran guide with a warning about persecution of homosexuals, standard practice on Wikivoyage has been to provide prominent and visible warnings in the appropriate article section rather than making the top of the article a long list of concerns for the traveler. I prefer that approach, but if others agree with you that it should be changed then I have no objection to restoring the warning to the top of the Iran article and moving warnings on other articles to the top section.

    HOWEVER, without a consensus for change I strongly support the status quo in which warnings are generally included in the relevant article section. I added a mention of strict homosexuality laws to the wanring box at the top of "stay safe", which previously only mentioned drug laws. I also toned down what I thought was excessive use of emphasis in the section on gay travel. As mentioned by others above, any gay people traveling to Iran are very unlikely to be ignorant of the situation there. Am I mistaken on that? I have not heard any of them say anything about a ban.

    There is talk about the Turkish ban. Ground Zero talk Sadegh sadegh talk I'm not sure about removing Qom; it does not get many Western tourists, but my understanding is that it is important as a Shi'a pilgrimage site. Could we remove Qazvin or Yazd instead? I do not know the country well enough to be certain. I have the same questions about Qom that Pashley has - it's a really important place of Shia pilgrimage and politically important in the Islamic Republic of Iran, as I understand. I'd be ready to argue for those but would not be surprised if others felt differently. Also Qom per above. That would make Qazvin the one to go, but I could easily be wrong.

    So which city remaining on the list is least important? So then Qazvin is the one to go. Posted by SeMe August 23, 6: America must be motivated to act for Israel's protection. Whether this photo is propaganda or not, it gets the point across, Iran is backwards and evil. Most American's are idiots and will back an invasion of Iran like they backed Iraq. The Stranger has a pro-Israel pro-Iraq war stance, and it warms my heart to have Dan Savage on the anti-Iran bandwagon. Let's invade Iran and get-er-done for Israel. Posted by Issur August 23, 7:

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