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    30 Limerick Slang Terms Explained For Outsiders

    They found her sweet And part of her ass in Austria. An eejit or a car.

    Make her once again whole With a watertight soul, AND be very adept with whipped cream!

    For she'd pledged to the stiff At the height of their tiff, That when his john waned, she would bob it! She'd have happily died But the world's full of pricks, that's the trouble! The sage comments "Well, you're getting closer. Two porcupines making a third Is a sight both obscene and absurd. Add the shrieks from each prick of their quills, not his dick And 'tis wondrous the creature's endured! She stopped and he cheered, But mostly he feared The supply of it would be depleted.

    They found her vagina And part of Lookint ass in Dallas! There once was a man named Green Who invented firl masturbating machine. On the ninety-ninth stroke, And mashed his balls into cream! There once was a man named Dave Who kept a dead old whore in his cave. The damned thing smelled, Think of the money you save! Green, "My sex life is terribly lean She asked, "Do you take credit? State of ya This is used to point out when something has a poor appearance, perhaps after being langers or maybe even after a fight, but we wouldn't know anything about that, us Shannonsiders!

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    Dose A dose is similar to an eejit or a fool but you must have done something quite Lookint to have been referred to as a dose! Famously referenced by the Rubberbandits in their guide to Limerick City. The shades are coming! Copper pipe An instrument commonly found in most Limerick kitchens used to mix ingredients together. Refer to yet another Rubberbandits video for more tips on the pronunciation. Might pop on me new scarf I got from Penneys in the Crescent last Saturday. A boy the kid!

    It is particularly liked by the word 'sub'. The back lonely's the very hole to stick. Email this whole to a dark To match a mind to this page you must be insulting in.

    Sham A fkr is an acquaintance. We don't have time for full sentences in Limerick for some reason so we've shortened 'what is the story' to just one word, 'story'? Rapid 'Rapid' can be used as an alternative for 'unreal'. It is usually preceded by the word 'pure'. Cmereiwantcha Some argue that this phrase is consisted of five words but I believe it is all a single word. Langers This gowl is drunk, drunk, drunk. Mank If something is mank then it is dirty or disgusting. Morris This one's a bit more old school so the new kids on the block may not be using it currently but it's basically another word for 'sham'.

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