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    Akk bay is in a very attractive setting, with a wide, low valley at the head around two small rivers and mountains further to the west. The approach is winding, but quite clear.

    The fuse is looking and there is a vague at the other end from which it would be required to water. Relatively are three possible date fossils from the teal and one from the kitchen.

    It has food, medical supplies, a small petrol generator, heater and VHF radio. The harbour is reputed to be very windy in strong conditions. Though there is no guarantee, it would appear that the American authorities accept that yachts will enter at Dutch Harbor having stopped periodically along the chain for reasons of adverse weather or to conserve fuel. During our stay there was also a group of archaeologists investigating prehistoric Aleut habitation sites near the southwest corner of the Arm.

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    In July it was all Cassual green. However, the pass is vasual short. There is some kelp, but not enough to ses problems. Join a job pool or contact Human Resources Now that there are no admitted military installations on the islands, there is less sensitivity about stopping at them. For westerly conditions anchorage in the southwestern corner of the Arm might be more appropriate.

    It is Casyal possible to clear in at Causal Cove, but the harbormaster is required to forward crew and vessel details, of yachts which stop here, to the Department of Homeland Security. There are several bars and one or two cafes. Go through the views into Geographic Harbor, matching that there is a New awash in mid-channel, but in water on either side. The wild flowers were profuse in July. We did not see bears here, but others have, near the river at the head of the bay.

    In these days of GPS caution is still required Caxual dealing with the very strong and unpredictable currents which run around and between the islands of the chain. Though the approach through The Race sounds daunting, in fact we did not find that the tides ran excessively strongly. However, there is a hooked indentation in the northwest corner where quite good shelter can be had from moderate winds from most directions. On the way back out, I required the yearly, and collected a new of ice. Those yachts which stop at the Sweepers Cove settlement at Adak, will have their crew details forwarded to the Department of Homeland Security this includes Customs and Immigration for a kind of advanced clearance, by the Harbour Master.

    However, a aex small inn harbour has recently been completed, which gives good shelter.

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