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    Swimming him at curtis portlanddailysun. Shallow will include music, lei, food night, creole calligraphy, henna, erica art and rangoli distortion kashmir.

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    A question-and-answer session and a book signing will follow the performance. It is free and open to the public. For more information, call Not good with any other promotion. Under his rule, Egypt received more American dollars than any country besides Israel. Unfortunately, Middle Eastern politics is never quite that easy. We welcome your ideas and opinions on all topics and consider every signed letter for publication. Limit letters to words and include your address and phone number. Longer letters will only be published as space allows and may be edited.

    Anonymous letters, letters without full names and freepot letters will not be published. Ffee send your letters to: You may FAX your letters toAttention: Both anxieties remain entirely legitimate today. For those new to the whole hostel thing, picture a form of temporary housing for backpackers, travellers, college students, and other assorted riff-raff in search of a cheap place to stay. Picture a shelter, better lit and with private rooms. And eventually, the folks staying there move on to another location. You might wonder why something that seems to work so well in the rest of the world hits the Portland speed-bump and flies into low-earth orbit.

    Then, they can accommodate up to 20 guests. Then there are the parking restrictions of 1 space for every 8 guests off street parking with an adjustment of 1 space for every 12 guests if within a quarter mile of a public transit stop. Potential hostels will also be required to have an approved site plan and an approved operations plan. Not to get all snarky with it, but at some point, we have to quit screwing around with building, housing, and zoning codes.

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    Stop messing around and creating temporary conditional overlay zones of sub-districts of neighborhoods of zoning variance approved exceptions. The big targets of course are our U. Ironically, of course, LePage has also split with some of his RINO hunting buddies, quite possibly the only hunters in the state to have any problems with the new gov. He has said he will support Sen. Snowe for re-election in and that that tea partiers courted him, not the other way around. Snowe just is not paying attention. So the tea party leaders, some of them anyway, are already upset with their former champion.

    Careful there, Governor, lest you face a primary battle of your own down the road. The odd thing is that it includes Senate races. Because a generation of Gerrymandering gave us the Mad House of Representatives. The powers that be, in a process usually reserved for your more predictable gangster movies, have divided up the country. So issues-focused activists soon learned that the real race was in Remembering Reagan What: Featured speakers include Gov. Raye, Maine House the primary. And the old argument against nominating the deranged — they would lose in the general election — went out the window. So the tea party activists solved that problem. Recent polling shows that the legendary statewide appeal of Sen.

    As with other states, Independents have migrated away from both major parties. That gives the more extreme Speaker Robert W. Senate Majority Leader Jonathan T. Courtney and Mary Adams. Recent polling indicates that the RRs remaining Republicans are not enamoured of Sen. As for keeping the commandments, the tea party crowd might embrace the icon of President Reagan and they might equally embrace those other Ten Rules. Contact him at curtis portlanddailysun.

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    freport But the last time a popular revolution in the land of the pharaohs overthrew a corrupt regime, the year wasNasser was the beneficiary — and Washington lived to rue the day he came to power. Nasser was not an Islamist: But under his influence, Egypt became an datjng destabilizing force in Mr Eastern politics. His dream of a unified Arab world helped inspire convulsions and coups from Lebanon to Iraq. He fought two wars with Israel, and intervened disastrously in Yemen. The long-term consequences of a more populist and nationalistic Egypt might be better for the United States than the stasis of the Mubarak era, and the terrorism that it helped inspire. But then again they might frfeport worse.

    There are devils behind every door. We take refuge in foreign policy systems: We have theories, and expect the facts to fall into line behind them. Support democracy, and stability will take care of itself. International institutions will keep the peace. No, datig politics will do it. But history makes fools of us all. We make deals with dictators, and reap datng whirlwind of terrorism. We promote democracy, and watch Islamists gain power from Iraq to Palestine. We leap into humanitarian interventions, and get bloodied in Somalia. We stay out, and watch genocide engulf Rwanda.

    We intervene in Afghanistan and then depart, and watch the Taliban take over. We intervene in Afghanistan and stay, and end up trapped there, with no end in sight. Sooner or later, the theories always fail. The world is too complicated for them, and too tragic. History has its upward arcs, but most crises require weighing unknowns against unknowns, and choosing between competing evils. I was looking for a cheap rent here in-town, and found a rooming house in the West End. Those amenities got tossed in with the pre-addressed rent envelopes. This landlord had an old family house that was left to him, but wanted to keep it in the family.

    He hit on this rental plan in a happenstance manner, and it worked for him for over 10 years. I only remember him having to evict somebody once, and that dude was slightly over 14 months behind in his rent. If he tried to set up the same type of shop today, the parking issue alone would kill the deal. The zoning would kill it. The requirement of neighborhood meetings and city hall meeting to discuss his application would kill it. And seven people who work in the city for low wages would be left with no place to call home, save sleeping at the shelter or hitting the couch-surfing circuit. How about we finish up the waterfront re-districting, and agree to leave zoning lone for a while?

    Changing the rules off the game in the middle of the game just reeks of desperation. Businesses will relocate to Portland, so long as they know what the rules are going into the game. And most importantly, remember this. Not the other way around. While Pennsylvania already has a state cookie sugar it has yet to designate a state dessert. Few states have designated official desserts, but the trend has been growing as of late, with Maryland Smith Island cakeMissouri ice cream cone and Delaware peach pie bestowing the titles in the last three years. Activities will include music, dances, food tasting, hindi calligraphy, henna, forehead art and rangoli sand painting. The festivities will begin at 1 p.

    For more information, visit www. Surfrider Foundtion 72 Commercial St. For Diane Russell, District representative and co-sponsor of the bill, the designation of the whoopie pie is a low priority amid larger political issues. Cranberry Island Kitchen seeks to reduce the strain on the wasitline with their lineup of whoopies, which are smaller than the traditional dessert and are baked with natural ingredients.

    Oh wait … they freeporr played this year? With little mess, you can have a hot meal with most of the food groups represented: It usually takes longer to preheat the oven than to bake it. But the cheap ones have a railroad car full of chemical preservatives in them and more packaging than Christmas morning. The good ones can cost as much as a delivered pizza. Occasionally sating make a sunny side up breakfast pizza, using thick slices of onions to contain the eggs. This recipe makes a dozen inch pizza crusts. Divide the dough into 12 pieces then knead them into balls by tucking the edges under.

    Oil the pizza pans. Spread the dough to the edges of the pan, pushing from the middle towards the edges to make the crust evenly thin. Super Bowl Sunday is coming up, a notable day for avocado lovers. Snopes has debunked the claims of astronomical sales of avocados by guacamole loving football fans but sales do spike and account for about 5 percent of annual sales. Cinco de Mayo accounts for nearly 10 percent. Avocados contain polyphenol oxidase, an enzyme spurs cellular decomposition in the presence of oxygen. The students denatured the enzyme by simply leaving the avocados in their peels and giving them a hot water bath for a few minutes.

    The Guac stayed green even after sitting out for a while.

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