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    I listed it in the section for musical instruments, not the free section and got a half donatd queries within the first hour. I listed it as free but also clearly stated that Palces would only consider someone who agreed to bring in a proper moving service no wheeling it out of my house bungee corded to a skateboard. In the ad, I included a lot of photos of the piano looking its best, along with closeups of the cosmetic damage and a link to an MP3 of the piano being played. Time from the ad being posted to the piano leaving my house was four days. All expressed a preference for uprights, so maybe that route would work better for you than it did for me. More recently, I also posted it as a Facebook status and had interest from a few friends of friends that ultimately didn't pan out and were time-consuming in that it's socially awkward to prod along a friend's friend who is dithering over a decision.

    domate The piano tuner turned out to have a side business restoring and reselling donxte so maybe try calling some local piano tuners, Plafes CL doesn't pan out for you. A cheap accident moving a piano might put you doonate a few hundred to repair the floor. Some idiot breaking his leg in three places and deciding that you're to blame could keep you tied up in court for months. They are inundated with offers of crappy pianos people want to get rid of. And absolutely, have it professionally moved. An insanely generous neighbor helped us move the piano to the new place.

    Shortly after the move, I mentioned off-hand at work that I wanted to get rid of my piano. The nonprofit receiving the piano, however, may have specific criteria about how, when, and where they will receive a donated piano, as well as specific restrictions about its condition, quality of construction, durability, and appearance. This is because a piano is a big item that requires storage in a protected environment and access to skilled people to tune and repair it.

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    Also, musicians have specific artistic requirements, and the piano will simply take up space and other resources if it lPaces fulfill those requirements. The two parties' criteria may or may not be a good match, and the nonprofit might turn down the donation. Places to donate pianos the donor has waited until the last minute to decide to donate a piano, then his or her options will be much more limited than if time had been allowed for a nonprofit to Placex the offer and, if appropriate, make arrangements ot receiving the piano. In order to make domate good decision about where to donate the piano, it is recommended that you know its current condition and fair market value.

    A piano technician hired to inspect the piano can tell you its condition and value, and advise you on its potential uses, taking into account its quality of design and construction and its present condition. Although tk beyond the scope of this article Places to donate pianos discuss which types and sizes of piano are appropriate for institutions and other nonprofits see the accompanying article by Sally Phillipsif your piano can hold a tune, and has a consistent, uniform, and predictable response from key to key, then it is more likely to be a good instrument for students and musicians to practice and perform on, and a donation can be made either directly to the nonprofit that needs the piano, or to a nonprofit that can sell it and apply the money to a good cause that you want to support.

    The types of organizations that might be interested in a donation of a good working piano are schools, social groups, clubs, senior centers, preschools, retirement homes, service clubs, after-school programs, recreation centers — any venue that has some type of formal or informal entertainment, or where groups meet for social occasions. Spinets and consoles with freestanding legs should be limited to use where they will not be moved frequently, as the legs are prone to breaking if the piano is moved often.

    If you would like to donate the piano to an organization that provides a valuable service to the public but lacks the tax-exempt status that would allow you to take a tax deduction for the donation, you might be able to find another organization, with tax-exempt status and a similar or complementary mission, that can give you the tax deduction while legally passing along the donation to your preferred group. Although piano dealers usually have more than enough used pianos on hand, taken in trade for new ones, occasionally they may be able to find a new home for your older piano with a student or family who can't afford to pay for one, or with a nonprofit organization.

    You might also check to see if your city has an organization devoted to using donated pianos for public art purposes. An example is the Sing for Hope Foundation, which each year places 88 donated, repaired, and painted pianos in parks and public spaces throughout New York City for the public to play and enjoy. They usually do Monday through Friday and usually offer a 2 hour moving window — for example, Tuesday morning, from 9 am to 11 am.

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    The piano is then promptly delivered to our showroom, so we can start working on it. Dissemble piano as much as possible Blow out all the dust, wipe down all the parts Vacuum under the keys and in the action. Polish metal pedals, knobs, hinges, etc. Buff out minor scratches and case imperfections Repair any and all chips, especially at corners. Color-match any necessary fills for signficant scratches. Inspect for any remaining possible flaws to fix. Students have more control for playing softly and loudly, so they can develop proper technique. We have a roughly point checklist for each piano.

    How to Donate a Piano to Charity By Tiff Coe ; Updated October 04, A piano can provide years of enjoyment for kids and adults alike A piano can provide years of enjoyment for kids and adults alike—but perhaps you have one that you can no longer use or accommodate. There are many non-profit organizations that can help find a new home for your instrument, and your donation may even qualify for a tax deduction. Finding a new home for your piano Consider having a piano technician to examine the instrument Before you begin to seek a new home for your piano, assess the condition and usability of your instrument.

    You may consider having a piano technician examine the instrument. You may also want to take some photos of the piano and note the brand, type, and any other features that may be of interest to the new owners.

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